We the people of Niumi, live by humanist principles to share with visitors of whatever origin, the spirit of  happiness and multicultural harmony found within us.

We love to learn and share cultural values, artistic creativity and history with partners, upholding the empowering economic benefits of community tourism. We do this through education, entertainment and local market initiatives in the host community of Barra and outlying satellite villages.

Fort Bullen Festival is also a health and conservation-led festival that features our  historic landscapes, marine environment and beautiful native species.





I am proud to be Gambian and I especially love my village Barra situated by the sea in the district of Lower Niumi. I am excited to show off The Gambia that does not make it into the tourist guides, the sort of holiday that cannot easily be packaged. 

We still celebrate traditions that go back centuries and are so happy to share our cultures with everyone. We are a peaceful country and we have a lot to offer that is yet to be discovered by the majority of holiday makers. 

The festival is a perfect chance for our tribes to come together and witness what each other have to say and do. We are especially proud that this local festival also offers us the chance to showcase all of our traditions to any who wish to see them, and it is a true opportunity for visitors to join in and be part of the celebrations. 

Please come and join us for the real Gambian experience.


I have been privileged with the grand title of Goodwill Ambassador for the Fort Bullen Festival.  I could not be prouder of the way the event was produced by the local people and primarily for the local people. It showcased the wonders of The Lower Niumi and the magic of its culture and traditions. 

I really feel anyone attending this event and sharing time will have special memories that will live with them forever. 

I have been connected to Gambia and especially Barra for over 20 years and I have come to know the area as home and its people as family.

My experience of Gambia is unique; I have forged close relationships and have many really good friends who are happy to share their lives with me. It excites me to extend this to my friends, family and anyone who wants to see inside the real Gambia.