Young people are the voices (and economic activists) of the future. What they have to say today and how they are supported will have a huge impact on our tomorrow. That is why young people are involved in every aspect of the planning and delivery of the festival.

The festival offers a voice for young people and an audience to hear their issues, starting with the youth drama group ‘Creative Minds’. This powerful group deals with relevant issues and offer question and answer sessions to explore them openly.

Currently the aspirations of a whole generation is to get out of the country, to Europe and the West. The festival aims to change this by connecting young people to their own power, heritage, identity and culture – achieved by developing their skills and entrepreneurship to make their own lives sustainable.

With so many young people living in poverty, it is important to encourage them to develop their skills, earn an income and give back to their own towns and villages, ultimately creating sustainable places that they can live in.