The festival is proud to present the wealth of art and culture hailing from this region of The Gambia. With 67 villages in this area alone, it’s not hard to imagine why there is such an abundance of different arts and traditions. 

Handed down through the generations, these traditions still play a strong role in everyday life. From wedding and naming ceremonies through to the call of the Kankurang, you can still see these customs carried out in the streets and compounds of the local villages today. 

This festival gives Gambians the opportunity to celebrate and share their own heritage, and is a unique chance for spectators to participate in and experience these special traditions. There is nothing more special – and surreal – than taking part in one of these ceremonies, and becoming part of the Gambian family. 

Drumming and dancing plays a large role in these ceremonies, so bring your dancing shoes and expect to become fully immersed!

The event also gives young people the opportunity to be creative, allowing them to explore new ideas surrounding their own art and cultural identity.